Guru Siyag's Yoga

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The practice of GSY helps a disciple to cut

through the web of Karmic past, find

freedom from diseases and to realize the

true purpose of life through self-realization.


Chanting the mantra will give you Ananda.

(Joy or bliss).

It relieves you completely from stress.

The Ananda stays with you night and day,

and frees you from stress.


"I challenge you! Those who are addicted,

try consuming drugs from today.

You won’t be able to do it because

the addiction will have left you. You won’t be

able to consume drugs even if you want to.”

GSY Brief
Guru Siyag's Siddha Yoga is an easy-to-do meditation and chanting.. Read more

It is not as if the Guru pours something into the seeker’s body. Read more


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GSY Practise in brief

The practice of GSY involves chanting (mental repetition) of a divine mantra and meditation. Guru Siyag initiates a seeker into GSY as his disciple by giving him/her a mantra — a divine word — to chant silently round-the-clock and also teaches a method of meditation. The chanting (Jāpa) of the mantra becomes involuntary when it is repeated constantly over a certain period of time. This however depends directly on the degree of intensity, faith and sincerity with which the chanting is done. In some cases the chanting becomes involuntary after just over a week of practice while in some other cases it takes a fortnight or even a few months. Besides chanting of the mantra, the disciple is also required to meditate for 15 minutes each, two to three times a day. Read more
Help Translate GSY
We invite people to help us propagate Guru Siyag's Yoga and its benefits by translating the material on this website in their local languages. We have made an attempt to translate some content of the English website in several languages. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, and we would appreciate any help in getting more data translated. We are grateful to practitioners in Germany, Brazil, Greece and Colombia who have helped us in translating the website in German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Persian, Swahili and Filipino (Tagalog). More contributions are welcomed!

Way to self relization -- Guru Siyag's Meditation